About Our Team

Our management team is composed of experts in their respective fields, each with a unique set of skills and talents that are invaluable to our clients.

Randall W. Peck, CEO and Co-Founder

Prior to launching CrummeyService.com, Mr. Peck founded a national executive benefits consulting practice and benefits administrator that specializes in life and disability risk management plans. Clients of the firm include major national law firms, advertising holding companies, mid size corporations and financial firms. Other national employee benefit and estate practices have retained Mr. Peck to provide consulting expertise and administrative services for their major clients. Mr. Peck and his team recognized an underserved need which became CrummeyService Software. To launch the idea, Randall brought together a skilled, experienced team to build, market, implement and maintain an effective, accurate and reliable software service offering. CrummeyService has several patents pending for unique processing and tracking functionality.

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Christopher Brown, CTO, Partner

Chris has had over 20 years of IT experience in the design and implementation of high-volume web sites and mission critical applications for Fortune 500 corporations Chris is an integral part of the CrummeyService team and is responsible for new development as well as current technology operations. His responsibilities include customization of the system specific to each client, ensuring that key tasks are automated. Chris is a graduate of the University of Richmond and enjoys sailing in his spare time.

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Laura Pogoda, Client Support Manager

Laura’s career prior to joining CrummeyService included working with users and system developers in a shoulder-to-shoulder environment to build new, and enhance existing, software system applications. Laura has maintained databases, wrote and executed test plans, developed optimization utilization models, designed and provided end-user training, performed liaison duties between very large user groups and system developers, created and maintained web sites, and provided system support for high throughput workstation configurations.
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